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    The trip out to Oudong which takes about 45 minutes is an event in itself. The road to Oudong passes through small villages, past several temples and mosques, rice paddies, fish farms and along the Tonle Sap river.

    You'll encounter trucks overtaking trucks and cars overtaking both of them, so if you're riding a motorbike keep your eyes on the road. The best time to go is in the wet season as all the fields are in full growth. These photos were taken during the dry season.

    At the foot of the steps to the temple there is  a large food market, mainly for the local visitors and a collection of money changers. These people have wads of 100 riel notes with which you can use to pay the local kids or give to the beggars on the way up. It's a long way so don't give it all away to quickly. If you bother to count the money they give you, you'll find that for every dollar you change you'll only get 3600 riel so they are making a pretty good rate on the exchange. Don't bother trying ot give the riel to the Monks they only want dollars from westerners.

    Parking for your bike or car is handled by the local car park guys and they charge 1000 riel for a motorbike. They will look after your helmet for you as well.


    Food, water and beer is available at local rates, it is a long way so keep the beers until you get to the top.