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Phnom Penh - Wish List

Why have a wish list?

Many things are not available in Cambodia, and with more and more people coming to Cambodia there is an opportunity to bring these much needed (but hard/impossible to get) things and to be suitably rewarded and re-imbursed. So if you've been to DV8 before or intend to visit us and would like to provide some much needed supplies please think about us the next time you go shopping - preferably duty free.

The retail price of Alcohol is very cheap and in many cases cheaper than duty free.
Example -A bottle of 12yr old McCallan is $22.50USD


  • Absinthe - but not too expensive

  • Bundeberg rum - Many thanks to Ken for the last lot.


If you're in the bar industry and want to promote your bar or business then here are some things we could use.

  • Those can coolers they have in Australia made from wet suit material.

  • Some bar mats with good advertising.


Food Stuff

  • Stubbs Liquid Smoke
  • Brother Bru Bru Hot Sauce

Computer Stuff

  • A motherboards that takes a AMD XP2400 with PC-133 SDRAM. Anything will do as mine crapped itself and I had to use my budget to buy a crappy PC-Chips board which uses PC3200 ram. Ideally an Asus or gigabyte board would be nice. Around $60 USD would be ideal.


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